Lindsay is a health-nut and outdoors enthusiast.  She finished her first half marathon in 2013 in Chicago.  Running is a good reflection of her work ethic as it involves being highly goal driven, determined and meeting those goals, accepting the good, the bad and the ugly that falls in-between.

Glacier National Park

Traveling across seas to Iceland, Sweden and Norway in high school gave her a delicious taste of travel and she has since not lost that curiosity.  Lindsay believes travel is an important part to not only enjoying an occasional vacation, but learning new perspectives and ideas that can be applied to all aspects of her life.

Mt. Olympus, WA

Lindsay is also an aspiring author, avid gamer and cosplayer. Some of her works are included at: and she is in the planning process of developing a small game. Further embracing the geek inside, Lindsay started a group with her friends called Circe Sisters Cosplay (check out our Facebook page: It has since opened some great doors into the world of power tools, sewing contraptions and finding new uses for duck tape and safety pins; in addition, of course, to the amazing geeking-out that happens at conventions!